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World Mental Health Day 2020
Life Coaching · 10 October 2020
For World Mental Health Day 2020, a reminder from Susanne McCabe of the importance of taking one positive step towards improving your mental health.
A Leap of Faith - Overcoming Fear
Life Coaching · 29 September 2020
In this blog post about overcoming fear, Susanne talks about her own experience of overcoming her fear of heights: what spurred her on to do it, what action she took and the lessons she learned from doing it.

Mental Health Awareness Week: Lockdown Lessons in Kindness
Life Coaching · 18 May 2020
Mental Health Awareness Week this year focuses on kindness. In what ways have you been kind to yourself during lockdown and how will that change how you act in the future?
Building Resilience: Reduce Stress by Building Self-Efficacy
Life Coaching · 08 November 2019
The third in a series of videos for International Stress Awareness Week, where I talk about how developing your belief that you can succeed (self-efficacy) can reduce your stress.

Life Coaching · 06 November 2019
The second in a series of videos for International Stress Awareness Week. I talk about what self-talk is, the impact of negative self-talk and what you can do about it!
Life Coaching · 04 November 2019
Its International Stress Awareness Week. In this video I talk about how to reduce stress by building resilience. In particular, understanding what you can and can't control and what to do about it!

Life Coaching · 09 October 2018
Margaret Smith spent years in a mental health unit with psychotic depression. This is her story from the point of view of her family. What signs could indicate a serious depression in a loved one and what can you do to help them?
Stop and Realise How Great You're Doing!
Life Coaching · 04 October 2018
The importance of stopping and taking stock of what you're achieving in your life.

Self Care for a Monday Morning
Life Coaching · 01 October 2018
A short exercise to help you focus on your own needs today and learn some kindness towards yourself.
Life Coaching · 09 February 2018
What happens in your life when you don't have self-belief...and how does it transform when you do?

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