Case studies

Career Progression

Katherine is a healthcare professional and came to me because she was experiencing stress at work. She loved her job before she got burned out and was keen to progress her career in healthcare.

Overcoming stress

Derek is an Engineer and is expected to work abroad for several weeks at a time. As a father of four children and with a baby on the way, Derek came to coaching because he was stressed due to the burden of demands from both family and work. 

Combating Depression

Ella is a single Mum who experienced depression following the death of her Mum. She was struggling with the feeling that she was "just Mum all the time". She wanted to find happiness in her life, but lacked focus and motivation.

Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

Family Relationships

Lynsey wanted better relationships within her home. She was losing her temper easily and wanted to be calmer and more positive with those around her.