Family Relationships

Lynsey's challenge

Lynsey came to see me suffering stress following the death of her Dad. She was experiencing angry outbursts at home from her daughter which were difficult to cope with. She also wanted to control her own emotions better at home, get better work-life balance and spend more time with her family.

Coaching process

The first thing we looked at was a visualisation exercise that helped Lynsey to look ahead 6 months and describe what her life would ideally look like. Her response was largely based around family, where the relationships were loving and respectful. We looked at times where she'd felt angry at home. We delved deeper into where that anger was coming from and we looked at problem solving potential situations that might trigger anger. I also suggested a book for Lynsey to read to help her understand her daughter's anger and gave her an exercise that she could practice to help build her daughter's confidence.

Lynsey held a senior role in the company she worked for and had responsibility for multiple projects and staff. This was a source of stress and we took time to identify how Lynsey could make more effective use of her time, to reduce her stress levels. I also helped Lynsey challenge the expectations she was putting on herself.

Coaching Outcomes for Lynsey

Lynsey now had clarity on what she wanted to achieve within family life. She learned to understand what was triggering her anger and look at alternative, more positive ways to manage situations. She opened up more to her spouse and daughter, while also listening and responding to their needs. Lynsey understood that she was setting high expectations of herself. By learning to take pressure off herself, she reduced her stress levels, prioritised her time and spent more time on enjoyable activities. By the end of coaching, Lynsey was less overwhelmed and willing to set big goals for her family and take small steps each week to achieve them.