Working Well Podcast · 25 October 2018
- How to identify signs of stress in employee - the key elements of a stress framework in the workplace - what Line Managers can do to help their employee talk about stress.

Working Well Podcast · 11 October 2018
How do you balance work and life after you return from maternity leave? Stephanie Barnet from Shearer Candles tells her story.

Life Coaching · 09 October 2018
Margaret Smith spent years in a mental health unit with psychotic depression. This is her story from the point of view of her family. What signs could indicate a serious depression in a loved one and what can you do to help them?

Life Coaching · 04 October 2018
The importance of stopping and taking stock of what you're achieving in your life.

Life Coaching · 01 October 2018
A short exercise to help you focus on your own needs today and learn some kindness towards yourself.

Working Well Podcast · 27 September 2018
How do you deal with negative and angry people at work? Find out in the latest Working Well podcast.

Working Well Podcast · 20 July 2018
Susanne talks to blogger Ryan Cowley about managing his stutter and his depression.

Working Well Podcast · 29 June 2018
Lifeswitch Coaching has now launched a new podcast. Working Well is about how you can thrive in your career and your life. You can learn how to overcome workplace stress, build your confidence and get better work-life balance.

Life Coaching · 09 February 2018
What happens in your life when you don't have self-belief...and how does it transform when you do?

Life Coaching · 01 February 2018
What exactly is life coaching and what will it involve?

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