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Welcome to Lifeswitch Coaching!

Improve your mental health with coaching

Coaching supports you to:

  • overcome stress, anxiety and depression
  • build confidence
  • re-evaluate your direction in life
  • set and achieve career and life goals

I specialise in working with clients who are experiencing stress which is affecting them in the workplace. Read more about stress and fatigue coaching here.


I offer face-to-face, online and phone coaching, so you can choose your preferred method.

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What type of coaching do you want?

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Personal Coaching

For individuals looking to make positive changes in their personal lives, such as building confidence, figuring out their direction, achieving life goals or reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

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Business Coaching

For business owners, looking for support for themselves or their employees, to reduce stress that affects them at work, build their confidence and set and achieve career goals.


Phone: 07548 437399


Address: 57 Farme Castle Court, Rutherglen, Glasgow.