Self Care for a Monday Morning

It's Monday and as we enter #worklifeweek here in the U.K., I wonder how people are feeling as they head into a new week of work or running their business or managing family life. Whatever it is for you. Sometimes life can feel overwhelmingly busy and we beat ourselves up for what we haven't got done. So let's take a different spin on it.


1. Write down all the things you want to get done today. Now ask yourself, what is the one thing that I really want to get done today? Something that will give you joy, that takes you towards an important goal or passion. How can you make sure this happens?


2. Write down at least five characteristics you value in yourself. It's important to stop and value yourself and remember that you are not defined by the tasks you get through today!


3. Look back at your list from step 1. If you're really valuing yourself, what one thing can you drop from your list or delegate?


What would start to happen in your life if you focused on your goals and passions every day and dropped the unimportant tasks?