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Working Well Podcast - 37 - Using Your Brain to Avoid Burnout
Podcast · 21 July 2021
Susanne speaks to speaker, author, mentor and serial entrepreneur Hans de Graaf about how you can prevent burnout by deciding not to do it! Hans describes how he used brainfulness, to prevent his own burnout.
Working Well Podcast - 28 - Supporting Your Children During Work and Homeschool
Podcast · 04 February 2021
For Children's Mental Health Week, Susanne interviews her 9-year-old daughter Lauren about her experiences of homeschool and discusses what she learned as a result of being in lockdown. Lauren also shares her advice for parents and children on looking after their mental health during this time.

Building Resilience: Reduce Stress by Building Self-Efficacy
Life Coaching · 08 November 2019
The third in a series of videos for International Stress Awareness Week, where I talk about how developing your belief that you can succeed (self-efficacy) can reduce your stress.
Life Coaching · 06 November 2019
The second in a series of videos for International Stress Awareness Week. I talk about what self-talk is, the impact of negative self-talk and what you can do about it!

Life Coaching · 04 November 2019
Its International Stress Awareness Week. In this video I talk about how to reduce stress by building resilience. In particular, understanding what you can and can't control and what to do about it!
Life Coaching · 15 May 2017
Chronic stress is a long-term problem that results from the body's fight or flight systems being 'on' for months on end. It's the body reacting to a social or psychological stressor like it's a physical one. So how is the body affected by stress?