World Mental Health Day 2020

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Hi, welcome to World Mental Health Day 2020. I hope you're all taking care of yourselves and each other.


It's been a really challenging year.  We've had covid, we've been locked down in the house. And when we weren't locked down in the house, we've been restricted on where we can go and what we can do and who we're allowed to see etc.


And that has been stressful and some people have become more anxious or depressed as a result of that.  And the charity Mind this year are focusing on doing just one thing. And I think that's a really powerful statement, because it encourages you to take action, to empower yourself, to make positive steps to improving your mental health.


So for me for example, I really need fresh air every day and it's really important for me to get out in the fresh air. And that's what I'm doing today I've come out a walk with my eldest daughter,  we're up Gleniffer Braes just outside Paisley and enjoying the sunshine, enjoying the views which are lovely and yeah, just, I guess, taking a positive step to improving our own mental health.


And it's all these little small things that can add up to help counter any anxiety, or stress or depression that you might have. So take care of each other and yourselves and have a think about what your one positive step is today.