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Working Well Podcast - 44 - How to Talk to Your Boss About Your Mental Health
Podcast · 27 October 2021
Author Melanie Gibson discusses how she hid her mental health issues for years and how she eventually approached the subject with her boss. She advises how you can approach this conversation with your own boss.
Working Well Podcast - 43 - Research on Happiness at Work
Podcast · 13 October 2021
Dr. Kathryn Owler, Workplace Wellness Facilitator felt isolated and burned-out at what had once been her dream job. As a Researcher, she was desperate to find out what made people happy at work. Learn what she found out and how Kathryn supports those who are’t enjoying their job.

Working Well Podcast - 42 - Creating Community in the Workplace
Podcast · 29 September 2021
Speaker Dea Irby talks us through how to create community in the workplace using her C.L.A.I.M. leadership strategy, a compassionate approach to leadership which empowers both employees and leaders alike. She talks about how people need to feel claimed, the benefits for both employees and the organisation of using this strategy and tells stories of real-life examples.
Working Well Podcast - 41 - Conquering Anxiety in Interviews
Podcast · 15 September 2021
Author Brian Sachetta has created his ’10 Steps to Getting Out of Your Head’. In this episode, we apply some of them to conquering anxiety in interviews. Listen to Brian’s wisdom on determining the importance of what makes you anxious, how to stop questioning yourself and handling anxiety as you wait for the interview.

Working Well Podcast - 40 - Creating Habits for Success
Podcast · 01 September 2021
John Hamilton’s life changed when he started setting habits. He wanted to set the tone for his day, each day, every day! Learn about John’s entrepreneurial journey to becoming a professional gamer and business owner, what habits he uses and why.
Working Well Podcast - 39 - Navigating an Unexpected Career Transition
Podcast · 18 August 2021
Susanne interviews former US Air Force and Alaska Airlines pilot Dennis Mellen about what he did next after a heart attack ended his flying career. Dennis discusses how he found his new purpose to serve others, the importance of leadership and his new book, Takes More Than Heart.

Working Well Podcast - 38 - Speaking Up In Meetings
Podcast · 04 August 2021
Susanne speaks to Career Coach Charlotte Crabtree, about how people can feel more confident to speak up in meetings. Charlotte discusses imposter syndrome and introversion as challenges to presenting yourself confidently.
Working Well Podcast - 37 - Using Your Brain to Avoid Burnout
Podcast · 21 July 2021
Susanne speaks to speaker, author, mentor and serial entrepreneur Hans de Graaf about how you can prevent burnout by deciding not to do it! Hans describes how he used brainfulness, to prevent his own burnout.

Working Well Podcast - 36 - Mindset for a Young Entrepreneur
Podcast · 07 July 2021
Susanne interviews Mike Koehler, Founder of Smirk New Media. Mike talks about how 'fake it til you make it' impacted him, mentally and spiritually, the lessons he learned from his entrepreneurship journey and gives his advice for young entrepreneurs starting out.
Working Well Podcast - 35 - Creating a Healthy Workplace Culture
Podcast · 23 June 2021
Susanne speaks to Heather Polivka, CEO of HeatherP Solutions about creating a healthy workplace culture. Heather discusses how she uses her expertise in marketing, HR and operations to provide a multi-dimensional solution to workplace culture issues.

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