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A Leap of Faith - Overcoming Fear
Life Coaching · 29 September 2020
In this blog post about overcoming fear, Susanne talks about her own experience of overcoming her fear of heights: what spurred her on to do it, what action she took and the lessons she learned from doing it.
Life Coaching · 09 February 2018
What happens in your life when you don't have self-belief...and how does it transform when you do?

Life Coaching · 01 February 2018
What exactly is life coaching and what will it involve?
Life Coaching · 18 December 2017
Common obstructions to achieving your goals...and how to overcome them!

Life Coaching · 27 October 2017
A story on the importance of getting uncomfortable!
Life Coaching · 01 June 2017
If you're wondering about which coaching method to go for, this post looks at the pros and cons of in-person coaching versus coaching by phone, email or Skype.

Life Coaching · 06 February 2017
A look at why coaches look at the whole person, their circumstances and their lifestyle, when choosing how to best work with their clients.