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Working Well Podcast - 34 - Handling Difficult Employees
Podcast · 11 June 2021
Susanne speaks to serial Entrepreneur and Author Kev Ashcroft, on how to handle difficult employees, how that affects his own mental health and team morale and how to sack someone if the situation can't be resolved.
A Leap of Faith - Overcoming Fear
Life Coaching · 29 September 2020
In this blog post about overcoming fear, Susanne talks about her own experience of overcoming her fear of heights: what spurred her on to do it, what action she took and the lessons she learned from doing it.

Life Coaching · 09 February 2018
What happens in your life when you don't have self-belief...and how does it transform when you do?
Life Coaching · 01 February 2018
What exactly is life coaching and what will it involve?

Camglen Radio Interview
Life Coaching · 21 December 2017
Interview with Susanne McCabe of Lifeswitch Coaching (formerly Six Week Coaching) and Kim Jackson of Camglen Radio, discussing life coaching.
Life Coaching · 18 December 2017
Common obstructions to achieving your goals...and how to overcome them!

Life Coaching · 27 October 2017
A story on the importance of getting uncomfortable!
Life Coaching · 01 June 2017
If you're wondering about which coaching method to go for, this post looks at the pros and cons of in-person coaching versus coaching by phone, email or Skype.

Why coaches take a holistic approach to life coaching
Life Coaching · 06 February 2017
A look at why coaches look at the whole person, their circumstances and their lifestyle, when choosing how to best work with their clients.