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Working Well Podcast - 45 - Choosing a Fulfilling Career
Podcast · 10 November 2021
Career coach Corrie Lo Giudice had it all. She had achieved a senior role in her family’s business, was earning good money and then something caused her to re-assess everything she took for granted. Listen to her incredible story on discovering her own fulfilling career.
Working Well Podcast - 43 - Research on Happiness at Work
Podcast · 13 October 2021
Dr. Kathryn Owler, Workplace Wellness Facilitator felt isolated and burned-out at what had once been her dream job. As a Researcher, she was desperate to find out what made people happy at work. Learn what she found out and how Kathryn supports those who are’t enjoying their job.

Working Well Podcast - 30 - Opportunities After Redundancy
Podcast · 10 March 2021
What do you do when you're made redundant? It's a challenging time, but there are great opportunities that can result. Susanne talks you through questions to consider if you're re-evaluating your career after redundancy and reflects on the amazing impact that redundancy had on her life.