Exciting News- Lifeswitch Employee Wellbeing App is Live!

On World Mental Health Day, I’m acutely aware of the continuing message I hear from clients about their experiences around mental health at work.


Employees aren’t comfortable disclosing a mental health problem at work, in fact 1 in 4 never disclose it. So they end up off work sick, burned out. The average cost per year per employee in the private sector is £1205. Unfortunately, 20% of organisations have not taken any steps to reduce employee stress at work.


The pandemic hasn’t helped over the past 18 months. 45% of employees report a worsening of their mental health and 84% of organisations are spotting presenteeism in the workplace. Ideally employees with poor mental health would get 1-2-1 support for it, but 75% of employees avoid this due to the perceived stigma and accessibility issues.


So, off the back of this, I’m excited to launch my new Lifeswitch Employee Wellbeing App!


The computerised cognitive-behavioural-therapy (CCBT) based service is designed for business leaders and employees alike to obtain mental health support for stress, anxiety and depression, where and when they want to use it. It turns stressed employees into confident, resilient and happy employees and it makes for a happier and more productive organisation. I’d love the opportunity to show you around. Visit Lifeswitch Employee Wellbeing App and let’s arrange a demo.