Working Well Podcast

Working Well Podcast - 31 - Managing procrastination
Working Well Podcast · 24 March 2021
Why do we procrastinate, how does it manifest for us and how can we manage it better?
Working Well Podcast - 30 - Opportunities After Redundancy
Working Well Podcast · 10 March 2021
What do you do when you're made redundant? It's a challenging time, but there are great opportunities that can result. Susanne talks you through questions to consider if you're re-evaluating your career after redundancy and reflects on the amazing impact that redundancy had on her life.

Working Well Podcast- 29 - The Courage To Be Disliked
Working Well Podcast · 24 February 2021
Working Well is a podcast about positive mental health in the workplace. Here, Susanne summarises the book The Courage to be Disliked and the lessons it teaches about personal responsibility, managing power struggles, seeking recognition, praising others, self-acceptance, having confidence in others, workaholism.
Working Well Podcast - 28 - Supporting Your Children During Work and Homeschool
Working Well Podcast · 04 February 2021
For Children's Mental Health Week, Susanne interviews her 9-year-old daughter Lauren about her experiences of homeschool and discusses what she has learned as a result of being in lockdown. Lauren also shares her advice for parents and children on looking after their mental health during this time.