Life Coaching

Life Coaching · 09 October 2018
Margaret Smith spent years in a mental health unit with psychotic depression. This is her story from the point of view of her family. What signs could indicate a serious depression in a loved one and what can you do to help them?

Life Coaching · 04 October 2018
The importance of stopping and taking stock of what you're achieving in your life.

Life Coaching · 01 October 2018
A short exercise to help you focus on your own needs today and learn some kindness towards yourself.

Life Coaching · 09 February 2018
What happens in your life when you don't have self-belief...and how does it transform when you do?

Life Coaching · 01 February 2018
What exactly is life coaching and what will it involve?

Life Coaching · 31 December 2017
A reflection and goal-setting exercise for the New Year.

Life Coaching · 21 December 2017
Interview with Susanne McCabe of Lifeswitch Coaching (formerly Six Week Coaching) and Kim Jackson of Camglen Radio, discussing life coaching.

Life Coaching · 18 December 2017
Common obstructions to achieving your goals...and how to overcome them!

Life Coaching · 27 October 2017
A story on the importance of getting uncomfortable!

Life Coaching · 09 June 2017
Understanding the vicious circles that keep us repeating negative behaviours and what you can do to change them!

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