Lifeswitch employee coaching app

Many employees have found it difficult to make the adjustment back to office life and some are having challenges working at home. Additionally, they may have their own personal struggles with their health, family and so on. As a business owner or HR Director, you'll know very well the cost of ill mental health in the workplace. I've written about it myself at Solutions to Employee Burnout.


Lifeswitch App uses my coaching framework, based on proven cognitive behavioural therapy methods, to help employees avoid burnout, reduce their stress, anxiety and depression.

Benefits of LIFESWitch APP

Don't wait to take action on caring for your employees. Avoid the high costs of absenteeism and presenteeism due to poor mental health. Consider the benefits of Lifeswitch App:

  • reduction in financial costs due to poor mental health at work
  • decrease in employee turnover
  • happier, more motivated and productive employees
  • increase in employee confidence and resillience
  • employee problem solving skills improve
  • peace of mind, knowing your employees are supported in their mental health.

Features of Lifeswitch APP

In summer 2020, I conducted a survey of 100 staff and 27 decision makers, such as HR Directors and Chief Executives, to enquire what wellbeing was like in their workplace and what they would want from a wellbeing app. The results are directly connected to the app's features today:

  • support for poor mental health (overcoming stress, anxiety and depression)
  • personal development skills
  • coach feedback*
  • user progress tracking
  • anonymous usage tracking for HR staff
  • accessible on computer, tablet or phone.

*Available with a 3 month coaching package.

What next?

Only you can decide if the Lifeswitch Coaching App is right for your business. If you'd like to see it for yourself or find out more, please click the button below to arrange a meeting.