Coaching Workshops

Men and women taking part in a business workshop

Did you know only 35% of your employees will be healthy and present at work? 28% are in poor health but attend work anyway (presenteeism). 24% will have poor health and poor attendance. Therefore 48% are not fit enough to work and with the average cost of poor mental health being £1205/employee/year in the private sector, there is room for improvement!


Improving employee wellbeing is proven to increase return on investment by up to £9 for every £1 spent.

What coaching workshops are available?

Workshops can be tailored to the specific needs of your business. Examples include:

  • resilience building
  • combating stress
  • developing confidence
  • identifying stress, anxiety and depression in a colleague.

Short, focused sessions

Sessions are kept to around 2-3 hours to gain maximum impact with your employees.

Benefits of workshop coaching

  • happier and healthier employees
  • reduction in employee stress levels
  • reduced absenteeism and presenteeism
  • increased employee motivation, commitment and productivity
  • increase in company bottom line.

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"I liked how Susanne discussed how she developed her own resilience. Susanne provided additional information on literature to assist with confidence and resilience building."


A Taylor

"Thank you for a positive session. Very engaging and detailed. Learning new skills about dealing with life and building resilience. And thank you for the further recommendations, podcasts, authors etc."


V Sule

"It was nice to start the workshop by a personal story. Caught my attention right away and showed that the coach really cares about the topic and people."


Z Kapustova

"A very useful and informative session/presentation which really encouraged me to analyse my own mindset and way of thinking. A number of strategies which I will continue to use. Thank you!"


V McColl

"The workshop has helped me focus on future planning. It was good to re-iterate some guidance around negative self-talk and remind myself to apply them."


S Dennett

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