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Stress overload assessment

This five minute quiz will enable you to quickly assess how stressed you've been in recent times. Some immediate signs of stress overload are:

  • feeling angry, worked-up overly-emotional or agitated
  • withdrawn or shutdown, lacking in energy or emotion
  • freezing under pressure and looking paralysed but actually feeling extremely agitated.

Why do this exercise?

Stress can have a massive impact on your health.   Understanding the extent to which you're stressed enables you to take action to address it with a view to preventing some of the health issues related to stress.


Here's some of the ways stress affects the body in the short-term.

  • slows your digestion
  • inhibits reproduction
  • decreases sex drive
  • inhibits the immune system

In the long-term, stress can:

  • create depression and schizophrenia
  • trigger severe broncho-constriction in asthmatics
  • increase the risk of diabetes
  • create stomach ulcer
  • lead to plaque in the arteries and increase accumulation of fat, leading to cardiovascular issues
  • decrease thyroid function
  • lead to tumours
  • increase bone loss
  • reduce muscle mass
  • destroys brain cells, impairing memory and learning
  • increases vulnerability to infection.

That's quite a list! Get started on this quick quiz to see how stress affects you.

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